Mobility to Spain


It is an official language school, which is part of a group of public institutions spread all over the Spanish geography whose aim is the specialized teaching of languages, mostly to adult students. San Roque Language School opened in September 1988, being in that time the only one in the area and the second oldest one in Andalucía.

Our school is located on the South Coast of Andalucía, in the province of Cádiz and its situation (just besides Gibraltar and 14 kms far from Africa) provides us with lots of opportunities to access new cultures and languages.   Of the four languages (English, French, German and Spanish) taught in our school, English is the most demanded, 80%. We also train primary and secondary teachers involved in bilingual education, a programme in Andalucía started in 2006 by our autonomous government. Official Schools of Languages in Spain follow the philosophy of European Common Framework and thus we certify levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 which are backed by our National Ministry of Education.

We also offer distance English courses (a programme called That’s English), blended courses (where attendance and on line work are combined) and the possibility of studying Italian and Arabic in some workshops organized by the Students Association. To promote the idea of learning different languages and facilitate students´ access to new cultures, the school organizes several workshops during the year to which the whole school is invited.

Some volunteer students make recipes and share them with their classmates on several stalls, the assisting students can get the new recipes in different ways, sometimes through power point presentation, brochures to take away or a discussion explanation as they cook the recipe in front of the rest of the students.

The participants, students of 34 nationalities registered in our school, are asked to take part in order that they can share cultural information about their home countries. Definitely “the gastronomy contest” is one of the most successful activities in our school.


  • Málaga walking tour with lunch at a typical Spanish restaurant.
  • Guided tour of Carteia/ San Roque / tapas.
  • Visit to the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas. Presentations of the partners and Spanish lesson.
  • Tour of Gibraltar and Tarifa
  • Tasting Andalusian food.
  • Flamenco Show and dancing
  • Golf Lesson and Sailing Sotogrande Port
  • How to cook Paella at Pinar del Rey
  • Turkish, Polish and flamenco dancing
  • Lipdub filming
Lipdup Pinar del Rey - San Roque