Mobility to Antalya


It is a non-governmental organization which was founded in 2006 in Antalya/Turkey. We set out with the intention of teaching teenagers how to spend their free time with cultural, social and educational activities.

Efem Mediterranean Youth and Sport Club association has seventy members. Moreover lots of volunteers work for the association. Each year the association serves for two hundred young people age between 14-30 years old. Moreover the association serves for the adults in terms of cultural activities. The target group of the association is mainly young people who are especially economically and socially disadvantaged. Disabled young people are also among the target group.

We cooperate with national and international organisations. We have various facilities such as table tennis, scouting, swimming, dance, chess,playing musical instruments and handcrafts. As we are a non-governmental organization, we highly rely on volunteer work and support. We are motivated by basic premises of humanity like respect, democracy, tolerance, empathy and equality. Within the activities of our association,we participated in the cultural festivals both abroad and other cities of Turkey in order to introduce Antalya such as Brussels, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.



  • Presentation of organizations in Ramada Hotel Antalyaand welcoming meeting with Governorship of Antalya EU Projects Department.
  • Visiting Old town ‘Karaf Vine house Restaurant’ learning how to cook ‘semolina halva’ and eat Turkish dish ‘mantı’.
  • Sightseeing in old town and visiting antique handmade carpet atelier.
  • Night out/ Live Music (Orient Bazar)
  • Antalya Museum
  • Traditional dish ‘sac borek’ in Çakırlar rural place.
  • Historical antique city of Aspendos.
  • Travel to Demre.
  • Visiting ST.NİCHALOUS Church.
  • Boat tour toMyra, Sunken city
  • Dance Show at Özgecan Youth Center (Dancing altogether and presentation of our cultural works Spain Poland and Turkey).